The Google Pixel 7 release date is likely to be sometime between October 13th – October 18th 2022, which will be the same as the Google Pixel 7 Pro release date.

The Google Pixel 7 launch date will be 6th October 2022, during the Made By Google Event as confirmed by Big G (Google) themselves, so, based on previous Google Pixel release dates, the 13th – 18th is the likely time window, though we haven’t heard anything definitive from Google yet.

Google successfully completed the Pixel 6 Series recently with the launch of the Pixel 6a. All-in-all, the Google Pixel 6 series was excellent value for money but we would love to see an enhanced battery life with the Pixel 7 series. There was a lack of microSD support with the 6 series, so better all-around storage from the Pixel7 Pixel 7 Pro would be a great addition.

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Google Pixel 7 Series phones
There are going to be two different Google Pixel 7 phone models on release, the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro.

Both Google Pixel 7 models are going to be powered by the next-gen Google Tensor processor, showcasing what Android 13 can do.

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Google Pixel 7 release date & Google Pixel 7 Pro release date prediction
As mentioned, there is no definitive Google Pixel 7 release date or Google Pixel 7 Pro release date just yet, however, a week after launch is the most likely date (which would point to Thursday October 13th). The latest leaks suggest Tuesday October 18th may also be a potential date.

Looking back at previous Google Pixel phone launches we can draw some conclusions.

Pixel 4 series release date — October 15, 2019
Pixel 5 series release date — September 30, 2020
Pixel 6 series release date — October 19, 2021
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Google Pixel 7 pre order date & Google Pixel 7 Pro pre order date prediction
The Google Pixel 7 pre order date for the standard model and the Pro has yet to be announced, but we strongly expect pre orders to go live on the same date the phones launch.

This would put the likely Google Pixel 7 pre order date as October 6th, 2022, and the same for the Google Pixel 7 Pro pre order date.

You can sign up and receive information through the Google Store if you are as impatient as us.

Google Pixel 6a pre-orders only recently went live, which you can check out below:

Google Pixel 6A pre-order | US |
Google Pixel 6A pre-order | UK |
Google Pixel 6A pre-order | EU |
Google Pixel 6A pre-order | Best Buy |

Google Pixel 7 price leak
Following a leak from Target’s internal systems that was reported on Twitter, it seems that the Google Pixel 7 price is $599 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro price is $899 – meaning they have the same MSRP as the previous entries in the range (which is always nice).
Previous Pixel prices:
Google Pixel 6 price: £599/$599
Google Pixel 6 Pro price: £849/$899
Google Pixel 5 price: £599/$699
Google Pixel 4 price: £669/$799
Google Pixel 4XL price: £829/$899
Google Pixel 7 design & renders
Smartprix leaked potential Google Pixel 7 renders back in May, giving us the first look at the next big phone release.

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