Recommendations for Typical Belgian Foods That Are Very Delicious

The following is a list of typical Belgian food provided by Read until the end of this article.

La Tarte De Riz

For you fans of sweet food, you must try this one food. La tarte de riz is a food that combines rice sprinkled with sugar. Sounds very strange and very absurd. However, don’t get me wrong, even though it sounds very strange, this one food turns out to be very tasty and delicious. As the name suggests, la tarte de riz or rice tart, which means tart made of rice. To be clear, la tarte de riz is a rice pudding (rice pudding) mixed with eggs. Usually after being cooked, this food will be sprinkled with sugar on top.


This one dish, at first glance, is similar to Indonesian beef stew dishes. If stewed meat is cooked with soy sauce and other Indonesian spices, carbonade is cooked using wine vinegar and black wine along with European spices. Besides that, carbonade is also cooked with other additional ingredients, such as carrots and sliced onions. Usually, to add to the enjoyment of carbonade, carbonade will be served with white bread or french fries.

Moules Frites

Moules-frites which in French, Mosselen-Friet, in Flemish (Dutch-Belgian language), or clams and fries is a Belgian classic. This Belgian specialty can be found in almost any cafe or brasserie in Brussels. This dish is one of the foods to eat while visiting Belgium. The most common serving of mussels in Belgium is steamed in white wine in a large black pot. Other ingredients in this meal are parsley, shallots and butter. Other cooking methods include adding cream, beer or even mustard sauce. Scallops themselves can be served as an appetizer, especially shared among friends or you can enjoy them with french fries as a main course.

Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare is locally referred to as Américain Filet, which literally translates to American beef filet. Filet américain or steak tartare consists of finely chopped, crushed or minced lean beef, mixed with onions and spices, and topped with an egg yolk. In Belgium, steak tartare forms a large part of the beloved ‘Martino’ sandwich. This healthy sandwich is made with Martino sauce (which generally consists of mustard, tabasco, mayo, and ketchup), pickles, onions, and salad. Like other dishes in Belgian cuisine, steak tartare is usually eaten with a portion of French fries and enjoyed with a pint of beer. Initially this Belgian food is a French dish. The steak tartare was specially remade by Joseph Niels, the owner of the family restaurant, in 1926, who passed the recipe down to his grandchildren before it became an iconic Belgian dish.


At first glance this one dish looks like stew in Indonesia. The difference is, this typical Belgian carbonade is cooked using black wine and wine vinegar and European spices. In addition, a series of other ingredients such as sliced onions and carrots are also added to it. Carbonade will be even more delicious when eaten with french fries or plain bread.

Chicon au Gratin

The last Belgian specialty is chicon au gratin. Chicon au gratin is a dish of Belgian-style baked potatoes cooked with butter, pepper and milk. This one food will generally be served as a breakfast menu or a snack in the afternoon.

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